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About Us……

Dance Olympus, the workshop, was launched in 1976. DANCEAMERICA™, the competition, was conceived in 1983 as a creative supplement to the convention. Together, they offer the dancer the dual opportunity of performance and classroom experience. DANCEAMERICA-Dance Olympus has provided over 40 years of the highest standards, quality, history and longevity in the dance industry PERIOD. No other company comes even close in providing what is a seamless “dance from the classroom to the stage, the Porsche of Competition.”

Our CEO/PRES Randy Coleman enjoyed a “White Hot” career as a Dance Olympus Platform artist, climbing the career ladder with hard work and determination. Randy’s commitment and genuine care about our studio owners and their dance families make him a perfect fit for DANCEAMERICA-Dance Olympus history.

Randy’s career spans every aspect of the dance and entertainment profession, from master teacher, performer, choreographer, video/stage director and successful studio owner which gives Randy the unique perspective and optimum insight for the title of CEO/President of DANCEAMERICA-Dance Olympus.

A wise man once said “that you cannot know what it’s like” until you have walked in the shoes of another person; Randy has walked in your shoes. His National Championship and award winning studio in Nashville, TN has competed in countless competitions across the country. His knowledge of the challenges studio owners, dancers, and their families face in today’s competitive arena gives Randy the opportunity to present only finest for DANCEAMERICA-Dance Olympus attendees.

The company’s roots have always been maintained: The true arena for learning is the classroom. All DANCEAMERICA™ competitions are held in conjunction with the DANCE OLYMPUS workshops and allcompetitors must be registered for the workshop in order to compete.

Opportunities abound at Dance Olympus and DANCEAMERICA™. Dancers have the chance to compete for Dancer of the Year Titles, awards for the Young Choreographer as well as travel the country as a Dance Olympus VIP.

Dance Olympus and DANCEAMERICA™ will visit over 16 cities across the United States during the 2017 preliminary season.

The 2017 DANCEAMERICA™ National Finals will be held in Nashville, TN, followed by the Dance Olympus Workshop!